Listen Live to Hospital Radio Hillingdon on the Hospedia Bedside System

If you are on one of the Wards in The Hillingdon Hospital, you can tune in to us on the Hospedia Bedside System, FREE of CHARGE.
You can find us on Channel 45 on the Radio Menu.

Listen Live to Hospital Radio Hillingdon Online

We have two different streams available:-
AAC is higher audio quality than MP3 at a lower data rate. Our AAC stream is 64kbs stereo.
MP3 is more compatible with a wider range of devices. Our MP3 stream is 128kbs stereo.

We now have a new Free APP available which you can download from relevent APP stores.
Click the APP link next to your type of device to install the APP.

For Web Browsers use our Player


For Android devices

Android Install Android APP

For iOS devices - iPhones/iPads

iOS Install iOS APP

To MANUALLY add Radio Hillingdon to your Internet Radio, please use the following addresses:-


For MP3

You can also hear us on TuneIn Logo

Please note our service is not available outside the UK.